Everything Has Changed!

Welcome to the next generation of the photo day process!

For the last 20 years we have been hearing the same question from customers: why do we have to pay for pictures before we see them? The answer has been that this is how it has always been done in sports photography due to the the short period of time between picture day an end of season.

NOW All-Star Imaging has changed all of that!

This is a no-risk program that gives parents a chance to see the quality of our work before making a decision on what or how much to buy.

With a pre-pay program, many parents will buy the smallest package simply because of negative experiences with other companies that require pre-payment or just the fear of paying for something in advance it may not turn out to be what they really wanted.

Our program isn’t a price-cutting game; it’s a statement about quality: we know that people want quality and therefore we sell more products.

Benefits For Your League & Parents

Benefits For Your League & Parents

With this new automated system, you will find that the picture day process is much easier for both the league and parents!

Register Your Player Online!

Parents will pre-register their player online and will be notified via text message along with an email when their players images have been posted!

Once they’ve been posted they’ll be ready to view & purchase!

More PHOTOS To Choose From!

Because we no longer use order forms this opens us up to the ability to take multiple poses per player!

As soon as the proofs are uploaded to SportsFlow online, the parents will be able to log into their account and see all of the poses we have taken of their player!

Then they can pick from any of the photos taken and place their order. They can even pick more than one photo to order from. There are no limits!

Extreme Sports With Dynamic Backgrounds!

The graphics background color will change to match your leagues colors. We will also be ‌sure to include your leagues logo on all the Memory Mate products.

This gives a custom product that matches your brand colors !

These Are Not Your Old School Team Photos!

Using our new method of photography we are able to take each player individually and then extract them to create amazing new products with dynamic backgrounds and virtual team photos for your teams!
Ask us today how you can get these designs for your league or organization!

More Photo Day Products!

Yes, we will still have all of the traditional prints & products you love! With the new SportsFlow system we are able to offer even more products that were not available in the standard photo day process!

Custom Products!

Photo Day Made Simple!